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Thu 16 Oct 2014



Fortnight of Action 2014 – Scotland: Website Article

Welcome to Show Racism the Red Card’s annual Fortnight of Action. The 2014 Fortnight of Action will unite Scottish footbal

l in making a stand against racism. We believe that it is vital to highlight the anti-racism message at this time, in conjunction

with Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE).


All professional clubs will make a stand against racism over one weekend whether at home or away. We have coordinated

the participation of the clubs’ actions to make it the biggest and most high profile fortnight so far.


At every SPFL game on Friday 17th Saturday 18th October, clubs will be united in calling for an end to racism in football and

in society. Players in over 40 European countries are involved in similar events as part of the Football Against Racism in

Europe (FARE) network against racism and discrimination.


Show Racism the Red Card has received excellent support from football clubs, football authorities and football fans over the

length and breadth of Scotland - we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all. We have heard of many instances

where supporters have been proactive in promoting the anti-racism message, making it clear that racism and discrimination

are not welcome at their club. We urge fans to continue to support the anti-racism message; it is the responsibility of us all to

ensure that it is carried beyond the Fortnight of Action and beyond the terraces.


Neil Doncaster, Chief Executive of the SPFL, said: “Football is a powerful medium to break down barriers and promote

tolerance. Our clubs have supported Show Racism the Red Card since season 2003/04 and once again, this united action in

support of the campaign sends out the positive message that football is a game to be enjoyed by all."


Queens Park Club Captain Anthony Quinn said “Queen’s Park are pro-active in ensuring that our anti-racism commitment is

reflected in the actions of Directors, Players, Coaches and Staff. The club commits to spreading its anti-racism beliefs

through awareness of those associated with the club.


The Club acknowledge that racism is a form of oppression. We aim to support and embrace diversity and difference through

zero tolerance to racism and discrimination of any kind, education of our young and our actions both on and off the park.”


The campaign will continue to speak to all football clubs, the football authorities and the police to eradicate all forms of racist



The SPFL and its clubs deplore all forms of racism and any racist behaviour will not be tolerated at SPFL.


This year the campaign has continued to develop partnerships with local authorities to deliver educational workshops

combined with football coaching sessions in a number of regions. The workshops are delivered by a dedicated team of

education workers and ex-professional footballers. They are a very positive method of educating our young people about the

negative impact racism has on Scottish society.


Here’s a brief outline of what’s taking place during the Fortnight of Action this year:

  • Anti-racism      football festivals and projects across Scotland.
  • Show Racism the      Red Card actions at SPFL, Scottish Women’s Premier League, Scottish Women’s      Football League, Scottish Junior Football matches.
  • ‘Unite      Against Racism’ actions at UEFA Champions League fixtures.
  • Educational      workshops in schools and community groups across Scotland.


Football is a sport that is followed by people across the world, and football matches should be an enjoyable experience for

all, whatever their background. We all have a part to play in stamping out racism in football and society.


If you see or hear racism or sectarianism at any level of football, please report it to the stewards or police.


Our website also includes updates on Fortnight of Action events and more information on the Show Racism the Red Card

campaign in Scotland.

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