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Club Statement: League Reconstruction

Mon 01 Apr 2013



The planned reconstruction of Scottish football has created many column inches of newspaper editorial and media coverage, much of which has been sensational, some of which has been sensible and as per usual much of which has been nonsense. We would therefore like to clarify our stance on these new proposals following the debate which took place at Hampden on 28th March.

Our previous meetings with our SFL colleagues regarding these proposals had been positive. We all felt that change was required and the time was upon us to deliver a new, more collective approach to the administration of our game. The SFL had put together a package of changes which had been presented to the SPL; the SPL agreed that changed was required but countered with their own proposal.

This new SPL package was debated and although it was far from a perfect solution it did deliver the key areas for change:

  • 1 Governing Body
  • Redistribution of finance
  • Healthy promotion, relegation and play-off system
  • Pyramid system allowing for future growth.


A vote was taken at a previous meeting and the result was 28-1 in favour of progressing the SPL Package to the next stage.

We reconvened on Thursday to further discuss the details of the planned changes.

Governance issues, due–diligence problems and timescales were all covered. These areas, we agree are incredibly important and every care should be taken to ensure that all parties are safeguarded and we create a governing body not just for the short-term but for our long term future. The main concern from some of the SFL members was the timescale factor which was discussed at length. However the end result of this over-zealous procrastination now has the potential to de-rail all our previous progress and create divisions when we had unanimity.

At the end of our meeting we again took an indicative “vote” for the Implementation of the SPL package at the beginning of next season. This time the result was 14/14. The main reason given for the change in mind of majority of clubs was the timescale.


We accept the rational and agree that timescales are difficult and in other circumstances many of the reasons against change would be compelling. Indeed in business we would not consider a take it or leave it proposal as has been presented by the SPL, but the alternatives are grim.

Clubs in the 2nd/3rd Division have nothing to gain financially in the short term from “Reconstruction”, but we, as a club must look at the wider picture and judge what is best for the future of our national game. If we risk a situation whereby the 1st Division Clubs move to join the SPL then it would spell disaster and the opportunity to form one association to drive Scottish Football forward would be lost. The clubs that would remain would become a forgotten entity by media, sponsors and fans alike and stifle ambitious clubs such as ourselves in making progress up the ladder.

Therefore, on behalf of the board of Peterhead Football Club we would like to urge Neil Doncaster and David Longmuir to meet further to discuss lingering doubts and allay the doubts of those members who are concerned over the timescale of these proposals. We would also like to urge our fellow members of the SFL who voted against the reconstruction and unified governing body plans to please reconsider their position of requesting a further season of deliberations.

In the past year our leadership within the SFL over the Rangers saga and league reconstruction has been faultless, now is the time to stand together and take this opportunity to revitalise our game and not give the SPL the option of walking away from these proposals due to a divided SFL and all the negative repercussions that will follow from that.

Major change and especially football change, require a leap of faith by all parties concerned, status quo is not an option beyond this season if we are to bring excitement and competition back to our game




Chairman Rodger Morrison

Vice-Chairman Ian Grant