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Fri 21 Dec 2012

Frequently   Asked Questions in Regards the Rangers Match

  1. 1)will the Rangers match tickets be on sale

Tickets will be on public sale from   the club office on the following dates

Friday the 21st of December, Ticket Office Opening   hours 11:00 am to 16:00 pm

Saturday the 22nd of December, Ticket Office Opening   hours 11:00 am to 14:00 pm

Monday the   24th of December, Ticket Office Opening hours 11:00 am to 16:00 pm

Friday the 28st of December, Ticket Office Opening   hours 11:00 am to 16:00 pm

Saturday the 29th of December, Ticket Office Opening   hours 11:00 am to 14:00 pm

Thursday the 3rd of January, Ticket Office Opening   hours - open as normal

Tickets are for the Home Support section   only, tickets are not transferable and may not be offered for sale without   the prior written permission of the Club. Any tickets offered for sale outside   the stadium will be confiscated and police informed.

  1. 2)have a season ticket for the stand will I be in my normal seat

All valid season ticket holders for   the main stand will have a seat allocated; a match ticket is required for   entry to the match, contact the club office to receive your match ticket 

  1. 3)Why is thecar park being closed

It is expected to be a capacity   attendance at Balmoor. There are also major constructions on the site with   ESPN Television, a Marquee and police security operation, in was decided to   limit the vehicle access to the stadium to absolute minimum to ensure   pedestrian safety at the stadium for entry and exit.

All vehicles must be out of the   Balmoor Car Park at 18:00 on Saturday 19th of January or they will be   removed. Disabled supporters can apply to the club for disabled parking but   this is extremely limited, in the event of an invalid or non-existent car   park pass the vehicle will be refused admission to the car park.

  1. 4)What otherrestrictions are there

Balmoor Terrace and Catto Drive will   have parking restrictions. Rangers supporters will access the stadium via   Catto park, all Peterhead supporters to access the Stadium via Balmoor   terrace. There will be strict segregation outside the stadium there will be   no access to home turnstiles via Catto Park.

There is drop off only on Balmoor   terrace, alternatively car parking is available in the community centre bus   park or former Home base car park.

  1. 5)I want a ticketthe Rangers end

The Rangers allocation has been   fully issued to Rangers football club; they are controlling the distribution   of tickets. A ticket for the Rangers end can only be purchased from Rangers   FC

  1. 6)What ifsupporters have bought tickets for the Peterhead end

There will be strictly no admittance   in the home end of any person wearing or displaying Rangers colours, there   will be no reallocation to Rangers end of the stadium, person will be refused   entry or ejected.

  1. 7)Will theSports Bar be open as normal

No, the bar will be closing at 11:15   for two hours, reopening at 13:15, the Peterhead match will not be shown in   the sports bar. The toilets in the bar   will be closed from 11:00

  1. 8)What elsechanged

There will be a significant   operation to check tickets and searching for unauthorised items, this may   delay entry slightly. It is strongly   recommended that supporters turn up early to avoid being delayed and to gain   the best possible viewing position.

Any flag must have the appropriate   fire safe certification to be permitted entry to the stadium, no advertising   hoardings to be covered by flags.   Large Flags will not be permitted entry to the stadium

  1. 9)What happenedthe game is cancelled or abandoned

If the game is cancelled please   retain your ticket for entry to the rescheduled match, date will be advised

If the match has started and is   abandoned, please ensure you have retained your ticket, re-entry to a   rescheduled match will be by the ticket stub of the match on the 20th of   January