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Peterhead boss Jim McInally - We have lost a player and an ambassador however there are still plenty of big characters here

Thu 16 Jan 2020

Peterhead have lost both a fine player and an ambassador in Rory McAllister according to manager Jim McInally after the 32-year old’s transfer request was accepted and the goal-grabber headed to Cove Rangers.

McAllister stunned the long-serving Blue Toon manager by asking for a move on Monday after more than eight years at the club and despite offers from the Balmoor boss to secure McAllister’s future long-term the striker insisted that he wanted a fresh challenge.

A transfer was agreed between the two clubs and Jim said: “When Rory told me he wanted a move I asked him to think about his future. He was under contract with us until the summer of 2021 and I asked him to think about what he was going to do after that. I saw him as a coach or part of the management team in the future and we talked about the club putting him through his coaching qualifications."

"However, he said he wanted to try somewhere else and that was that.”

Jim added: “We did everything we could to convince him to stay but his mind was made up. Not only are we losing a goalscorer but we are losing a big part of the club as Rory was always the first to help out at events with supporters and sponsors.”

“He was a big character and deserves credit for the way he handled all the stick that was thrown at him over the year from opposing fans about the vast fortunes we were supposedly paying him. Rory enjoyed being part of things off the park as well where he took his role as captain seriously. We will miss him both on and off the park. On a personal basis I will miss him as the two of us have been on a journey together at the club for over 8 years.”

Football however moves on and McInally said: “It is disappointing that Rory will move on however there are plenty of big characters still at the club. Rory was the captain but we have experienced players in Greg Fleming, Simon Ferry, Jamie Stevenson and Derek Lyle so we will still have a very good dressing room.”