Club News


Thu 12 Jul 2012

Ahead of the SFL meeting to be held at Hampden on Friday 13th July, Peterhead Football Club would like to clarify the board's stance on admitting a new Rangers Club into the Scottish Football League.

We have now received proposals that have been thrashed out between the SFA, SPL and our own SFL a mere 36 hours prior to Friday's meeting. Whilst we have always stated that we would welcome proposals for league reconstruction independent of the Rangers crisis, we are left with a sense of wonderment at many of the newly proposed changes to the League; changes that were deemed wholly unworkable prior to Newco Rangers application to join the SFL after expulsion from the SPL.

Although we are to come under severe pressure from bodies outwith the SFL to accept these fast-tracked changes to accomodate at Newco team and to hail this proposal as a 'blue print to safeguard the future of Scottish Football', we must retain our stance and those of the majority of our fans to vote NO.

We still believe that to maintain fairness in our game and to restore faith in Scottish Football there is no alternative but to admit a Newco team into Division 3. We understand the ramifications of this as laid out by the SFA and understand that there will be financial implications for all clubs should this be the outcome. However, although there may be tough times ahead for Scottish Football, we believe we can weather the storm.

Although football clubs from all leagues rely heavily on media revenue and sponsorship to survive, it is the fans that are the heart of the club. Our fans have made their feelings very clear over this issue and we have listened and taken on board all comments. We hope that voting to admit a Newco team into Division 3 will unite fans to vote with their feet to support their local team and help preserve our Scottish game.