Club News


Wed 11 Jul 2012

Hi All,

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks but I have been away on holiday.

Firstly, I would like to say sorry for rubbing any of our supporters up the wrong way for my opinions on the Rangers situation. Place believe my when I say my opinions are not based on my upbringing or my background - they are purely selfish-for-football reasons. My opinions are based on past experiences when I managed against teams like Gretna in the 2nd Division and more recently when Livingston were put into Division 3 after we had already invested in our squad for that season.

In both cases I felt that those imbalances cost us potential titles. Basically, what I'm saying is that my opinion isn't balanced on what is good for Rangers or Livingston or any other team that finds themselves in self-inflicted financial situations. It is based on what is good for our football club.

I read guys like Craig Burley and I'm totally shocked with his ignorance and lack of respect for good hardworking people at clubs like this. We have a board of directors who go above and beyond the call of duty to bring finance in to the club, even going as far as putting on a concert and then organisising and selling it tirelessley. I have friends in the game who wonder why PFC do things like the concert and I tell them that part time football clubs solely rely on fund raising and supporters buying season tickets, hospitality, player sponsorships, strips, scarfs etc and not tv money from Sky and 4 visits from the Old Firm. How many Chairmen or Chief Executives in the SPL have actually put their own personal wealth into their clubs? Not many, I suspect. Guys like Burley are ignorant and should stick to commentary on TV.

Now to update you on the football. Since I last spoke to you we have had the boys training hard and last night we had a close door game against Cove Rangers which went really well. We have boys that are at different levels of fitness and therefore I'll try and balance out their game time with training sessions to get their fitness levels up to where we want them to be.

We have also strengthened our squad with the signing of Stephen Maguire and goal keeper Michael Andrews from Montrose. Stephen is a player I know well and had a season in junior football last year which I think will have done him good. He is a striker, not unlike Dennis, and hopefully he will bring competition to the other strikers which I felt we needed.

Michael again is a boy I know well; he was my keeper at the shire and had a terrific season for us on loan from Falkirk. He was then gutted to have been released from Falkirk after their relegation and I'm sure that was a factor in his loss of confidence last season. Hopefully, him knowing that I know his qualities will help him get back to being the keeper that he can be.

We have also added young Shaun Robertson and Greg Alexander and we'll see over the next couple of week if we're going to add to the squad.