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Edinburgh 0-0 Peterhead: What the managers said

Sun 24 Mar 2019

Edinburgh 0-0 Peterhead

Post-match reaction


Blue Toon boss Jim McInally:

“I was pleased by half time but the second half was a bit of a struggle.”

“It was probably a poor game to watch in the second half because there were loads of set-pieces and balls played into the box.”

“We knew that the longer the game went, we would need to shore up a bit because we had a lot of players on bookings and some struggling with injuries.”

“We had to just make sure we did not lose.”

“In the past we would have lost the game, especially with the disappointment of not being ahead in the first half.”

“It is the natural thing to think it is going to come back and haunt you but we defended the game quite well and did not allow Edinburgh to open us up.”


 Edinburgh manager James McDonaugh:

“We were trying to go for the win and the second half showed that, although we were disappointed with the first half because Peterhead could have been two or three-nil up.”

 “But after half time, the game totally turned and we were the team looking to win the game.”

“Callum Antell kept us in it 100% in the first half and in fact Peterhead should have been ahead after just 30 seconds.”

“That is why my voice is still a bit hoarse but that was Callum’s 15th clean sheet, which is a fantastic return, and his performance allowed us to fix a few things at half time.”

“I thought we were good in the second half up to a point but we did not create enough, although it was mostly positives after half time.”