Club News


Tue 15 May 2012

Dear Supporters

The following players have been released and not offered new contracts:

Ray Jellema, Neil Duffy, Allan Rattray, Paul Watson, Aaron Conway and Dennis Wyness

The following players have all been offered new terms:

David Donald, Jamie Redman, Ryan Strachan, David Ross, Scott Ross, Graeme Sharp, Paul Jarvie, Paul Young, Lewis Davidson, Shaun Robertson

The following players are still under contract for next season:

Martin Bavidge, Rory McAllister, Brian Deasley, Callum McDonald, Roy McBain

Up until today I have had Jamie Redman agree his terms and David Donald refusing his and I am still waiting on the others to get back to me. I have made the best offers I can to the players and contrary to what I first though most of them have been offered slightly increased terms and only two players have been asked to take cuts (these being Graeme Sharp & Paul Jarvie).

I have made offers to out of contract players at other club and hopefully we will have some luck on closing these deals; I will do my best to update you on comings and goings via the website as best I can.