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Peterhead 1-0 Elgin: What the managers said

Sun 03 Mar 2019



Peterhead manager Jim McInally

“It was another victory but I think it should have been a lot more again and it was frustrating.”

“You could sense that when we did not get that second goal, an anxiety started to creep in.”

“The wind got worse as the game went on so overall, I am delighted with the result but not with the performance.”

“I know it has turned out to be a good day and at some point that will dawn on me.”

“You do not get a chance to enjoy it so we will move on to Tuesday and we know it is another big game for us because Clyde do not play.”


Elgin boss Gavin Price

“There was one lack of concentration in the first half and Peterhead, as ruthless as they are, punished us.” 

“They have got that nous but unfortunately chances which came our way in the first half, which were decent chances, we could not capitalise on.” 

“I was worried in the second half because I have been on the end of a couple of bad experiences here in the last couple of seasons.”

“But we acquitted ourselves well and created one or two half chances and managed to withstand a bit of pressure, which you will inevitably get against Peterhead.”

“We are now going to have to take points off the top three to get where we want to be.”