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Peterhead 2-2 Stranraer: Dugout Reaction

Mon 27 Mar 2017

Ryan Strachan and Rory McAllister celebrate the latter's opening goal Ryan Strachan and Rory McAllister celebrate the latter's opening goal


"After the way the first half went, we have got to be content with a point."

"Our lead came out of nothing really before the game had really settled down and after that I thought Stranraer ran over the top of us."

"We had a go at them at half time and said some harsh words because it looked like it was men against boys out there and we were getting bullied."

"I told the players that even if they lose, be competitive because it was a second ball game and Stranraer were miles better at it than us in the first half."

"But we were better in the second half and we pushed players on looking for a goal and we got a break at the end because I believe it was not a corner."

McInally added: "I am not particularly interested in records or how long we have gone without winning but we do need to win some of these last six games."

"There is no point dwelling on what has happened in the past or what run we have been on, although I think we have only lost two or three of those eight games."

"There have been a lot of hard fought draws in there, even though we are not a team that is in the habit of picking up draws."

"But it is better than losing and from now on in, it is all about picking up enough points."



"For the equalising goal, I think everybody in the ground knew it was not a corner.  A Peterhead boy headed the ball over the bar for a goalkick and I don't know what the referee saw."

"We were disappointed in that but we have still got to defend the corner better. The players were probably still upset with the referee and that caused them to switch off for a minute in the full second half."

"I thought we had defended great because we knew Peterhead would come and have a go with the wind behind them and kicking down the slope."

"I did not actually see Peterhead scoring other than from a set-piece so it feels like a defeat, even though it is a crucial point away from home for us."

"But quite honestly it should have been three I think."


By Glenn Moir