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Winter break does not offer much, claims Blue Toon boss

Thu 02 Feb 2017

No talk of a winter break for Scotland's lower leagues - and that is how it should remain, according to Jim McInally.

The SPFL this week confirmed that the Premiership will shutdown again for three weeks next January.

League bosses, and top flight clubs, appear satisfied with this season's pilot scheme, although Championship sides have backed away from introducing the idea in their division.

The Peterhead manager is unconvinced the rest period is in the best interests of the game and does not think it will ever be brought in to League 1 and 2.

McInally said: "I don't think it is a goer, even for Championship teams."

"It extends your season, with the close-season becoming shorter, and it does not suit part-time teams at all."

"Basically, all you would end up doing is playing bounce games against each other during the break, teams who you come up against the rest of the season anyway."

"I don't think there is anything in it for part time clubs."

The Blue Toon boss has claimed even the top tier teams gain few benefits from splitting their season.

Aberdeen and Celtic recently jetted off for warm weather training in the Middle East while Rangers flew out to Germany. However, the other clubs stayed put to prepare for the second part of the campaign.

McInally continued: "It's fine for Celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen, who can go abroad."

"But if you look at the other teams, like St Johnstone or Partick, there is not a lot of great benefits for them because they do not have the finances to go to places like Dubai."

"A break also means the players need to have a mini pre-season again so all in all, I don't think it is something that offers much for our game."

"Maybe it helps the top teams but nobody else."

By Glenn Moir