Catto Park Project

Update March 2014

The Catto Park Working group met this week to see the culmination of all their hard work in a set of plans and elevations which have been developed in partnership with the PMR Leisure and Michael Laird team.

The Team met with Council Senior Officers on Tuesday followed by the Working Group meeting on Wednesday when they expressed their delight with what they saw.

The next stage for the Team is to take the plans and costings through Council procedures including presenting to the Administration and Area Committee. Following these formal processes the team will reveal the plans they feel the town deserves and be able to achieve in a public meeting later in April.

Keep an eye on the Peterhead FC website and press for details of the public meeting.

Latest News Update

The Working Group behind the Catto Park project are delighted with the progress being made as the concept for the site is beginning to take shape.

Since the report by PMR Leisure was published in August Peterhead FC and Aberdeenshire Council have agreed to support the development phase. Site investigations have taken place to enable the team to identify any ground conditions which may cause concern along with identifying appropriate pitch layouts and the positioning of the new community sports facilities.

We can reveal that the site layout for the improved pitches can accommodate through ground levelling a full size FIFA2*/IRB 22 synthetic pitch for football and rugby; a full size synthetic hockey pitch; full size grass rugby and football pitches, the site layout will allow for the existing athletics track to be retained and upgraded in situ. The most appropriate location for the new indoor facilities will be clustered around the existing Balmoor Stadium building to enable a ‘gateway’ to be created for the site.

Penny Lochhead, Director PMR Leisure who are leading the project through this stage is “delighted that the Working Group of 13 community representatives have come together to help shape the future of Catto Park. The recent appointment of Michael Laird Architects will now allow us to work towards taking the brief into a live concept. An added dimension to the project is the integration into the design of a new potential location for the Day Service Team from Willowbank”.

Una Simpson Day Service Manager who sits on the Working Group says the possibility of a new location in Peterhead for our relocation and the opportunity at Catto Park presents a very exciting opportunity for us to explore. It was essential for us to be part of the design team appointment process and we feel Michael Laird Architects have the ability to bring a creative solution to what will be a unique sporting and community resource”.

It is hoped that by February 2014 the concept will be developed and costed to enable the project to be presented back to the Council and to the next stage of the process to achieving fantastic new facilities at Catto Park.

The Group believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a very unique and exciting combined sporting and community project bringing together the needs of the town onto one site to achieve a lasting Legacy for Peterhead.

Catto Park Project

Catto Park Project

In January 2013 the consultation process began for the feasibility study to investigate how the community of Peterhead would like to see any future sporting and community facility development at Catto Park adjacent to Peterhead FC Stadium. The study was facilitated by Peterhead FC and was fully supported by local sports clubs such as Jogscotland, Peterhead Boys FC and Peterhead Rugby Club.

Aberdeenshire Council supported the work and were keen to see a needs led solution for Catto Park which provides a long term solution for community sport in the town and takes into consideration the potential population growth of the town in future years.

This work over the last six months led to the whole community engaging in the process. The findings reflect the views of a wide audience who have taken part in the consultation regarding the needs and demands for community and sporting facilities in the town. The overriding objective for the work was to:

‘Establish how Catto Park could be better used to deliver a wide sporting need in Peterhead and who were the appropriate partners to be involved in developing such a project going forward’

The findings from the community were clear about the needs for the town and that they were not just ‘sporting’ but ‘community needs’ and the following concept and facility mix has been developed as a response to all that has come forward from those consulted.

‘To develop a new sporting and community managed hub at Catto Park providing high quality fit for purpose sporting and community based indoor and outdoor facilities. The ‘Hub’ will be used to deliver education, community sport and sporting excellence alongside being the focus for community development for the town’.

The Identified facility requirements from the consultation for Catto Park:

Indoor FacilitiesOutdoor Facilities
60m x 40m 3G synthetic pitch – Dome or Fabric Structure 3G IRB22/FIFA 2* Synthetic Pitch – for football and rugby
15m x 15m Dance Studio FIH Standard 2G Synthetic Pitch – for hockey, tennis and football training
34m x 19m Sports Hall Upgraded Athletics Track
Fitness Gym Upgraded Rugby Pitch
Dedicated Youth Space Upgrade 7 and 11 a side grass football pitches
Community Café and Social Space Car Parking
Multi Purpose Community Meeting Rooms  
Office and Ancillary Accommodation to support the facilities  
Changing Accommodation to support activities  

The opportunity to create a fit for purpose sporting and community facility to act as a ‘hub’ for the town involving a variety of voluntary, public and private sector partners has been welcomed across the board.

The community response to the opportunity that could come from Catto Park has been that ‘the time is right to put Peterhead on the map and create something very special for our communityand the future generations’. A further comment regarding the potential of this project has been to create a Lasting Legacy for Peterhead and bring some Olympic and Commonwealth Games impact to the town.This consultation process has been recognised by many groups as providing the catalyst to bring the strong town energy into one focus to achieve a common aim and common outcome for all.

The completion of the Feasibility Study has now led to the recent announcement that Aberdeenshire Council and Peterhead FC are now funding PMR Leisure to lead and develop the next stage of the project. Aberdeenshire Council see this as a unique opportunity to bring public, private and community partners together to drive this development for the town.This is potentially one of the most significant sporting projects for the North East of Scotland in many years.

The initial Study identified many community partners who expressed an interest in helping to take the project forward and to represent the interests of the town. These community partners listed below have been invited onto a Working Group to oversee the project in during the next stage of developing the brief for the design team as the project moves forward.

  • Ian Grant, Vice Chairman, Peterhead FC
  • Nat Porter, General Manager, Peterhead FC
  • Chris White, Area Manager, Aberdeenshire Council
  • Ali Hynd, Chairman, Peterhead BFC
  • Stephen Bruce, Chairman, Peterhead jogscotland
  • Una Simpson, Day Centre Manager, Willowbank
  • Walter Innes, Chairman, Hexagon Football
  • Stewart Chalmers, Vice Principal of Buchan Collage
  • Karen Brown, Project Coordinator, Peterhead Projects
  • Evan Ritchie, Acting Head Teacher, Peterhead Academy

Should you require any further information or would like to support of make a comment on the project please do not hesitate to contact PMR Leisure, Community Sports and Leisure Consultants who are Project Coordinators for the project on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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